The DEUS Team

Please meet the diverse team working on DEUS since 2021.

TeeKay Kreissig, Media Artist, Germany

TeeKay is a European artist with a background in theatre and psychology. Since 2019 he has plunged into a series of concepts combining AI and robotics in his artworks. He developed the initial idea of the concept and is very happy about the support of the Uni.Lu since 2021.

Sana Nouzri, Scientific Lead, Marocco

Sana is post-doc researcher at the Computer science department of the University of Luxembourg and has been in charge of the AI and ART pavillion for Esch2022. She enabled us to have access to GPT3 and has been advising the students during all phases of the project.

Ravindra Kumar, Programmer, India

Ravindra was the first person to work on the project and has been supporting it ever since. Among many things he developed the basic concept for the data base for the research phase.

Eliott Bonté, Programmer, France

Eliott was responsible for developing the method how to prompt GPT3 and ran the first experimental dialogues.

Rui Cao, Programmer, China

Rui has been working on enabling the interface to enable researchers and later on the public to access DEUS.

Ahmed Radwan, Programmer, Egypt

Radwan has been focussing on QT, the robotoc interface enabling a speech to speech interaction during the ART and AI pavillion exhibition in the program of Esch22.

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