DEUS-X-MACHINA is a multidisciplinary approach to research AI and ethics. In its final stage of development our DEUS-chatbots should be able to answer highly philosophical questions, thus passing what we like to call a „Triple-T“ – a Theological Turing Test. It is continuing on the idea of a normal Turing Test when an AI produces answers of such high quality that the human counterpart in the dialogue will identify the AI as a human intelligence. For the Triple-T the standards are much higher because religiuous experts should be so pleased with the answers that they will consider the DEUS chatbot as one of their own – or in the best case even as a being with a superior knowledge and intelligence.

Therefor we would like to invite researchers from all fields to join our team:

  • psychologists
  • AI reserachers
  • philosophers
  • historians
  • ethnologists
  • sociologists
  • educational experts

Main Phases of the project

By creating different chatbot identities (DEUS) based on the different religious scriptures we engage our audiences live and online in many open questions on ethics, moral and last but not least on representations of religions in their many forms. The main phases of the project include:

  1. Choosing the best method how to conceive and train the DEUS-chatbots in general   
  2. Create a diverse community to enter a philosophical online dialogue with the chatbot       
  3. Enabling interaction with live audiences during the AI & Arts Pavilion at Esch2022, one of three Cultural Capitals in 2022.
Concept posters from fall 2021

Take a look at some of the experimental dialogues our system has produced so far.

Further possibilities for “DEUS” as ethical AI 

Since the questions of the students do not provide enough training possibilities as of January 2022 we invite experts on diverse religions and from different fields of research to interact with our DEUS-chatbots. This will help us to validate the quality of the answers of our DEUS-AI.
We will also provide feedback to OpenAi about the drawbacks we have been encountering during our research.

The impact of ethics on our world

The challenges our global society faces nowadays are closely connected to moral and ethical questions. Whether we talk about the different concepts of educational systems, the political agenda of a state, the dangers of climate change or the tragedy of the commons with its root in the limited concepts of economical and sociological sciences and the underlying concepts of humanity.
They all have impact!

Since February 2022 with Putins invasion of Ukraine Europe and the world have to deal again with a war on the continent where two global wars have started.

Join the research team

As mentioned above we keep our work process open and flexible to adapt to DEUS to new circumstances, goals and needs. If you are interested to join our research community please contact us at

Kreissig (aka TeeKay) am artist with a multidisciplinary background. It was further developed with a mixed team of researchers and students at the UniLu.

This website is continuously improved. The last update of this specific subpage has been in May 2022. If you are interested in a collaboration or you have spotted a typo or a blocked link, please do not hesitate and contact us at