DEUS-X-MACHINA is a highly interdisciplinary work in progress spanning the fields of Artificial Intelligence, art, philosophy, psychology, social sciences, ethics and religion. Our aim is to foster a global conversation within the scientific community and the broad public on the technical, social and also emotional aspects when AI is used for different purposes.


Due both to the ethical questions involved as well as the technical challenges the project has undergone different phases. The team behind DEUS welcomes researchers and contributors from all fields to join us in our efforts to create an ethical AI.

How it started

The project was initiated by the department of Computer Science of the University of Luxembourg (UniLu). In 2020 the University invited artists to collaborate within their “AI and Arts Pavilion” for the European Cultural Capital 2022 in and around the City of Esch, where UniLu is based.

The original idea of DEUS was inspired in March 2021 by Thorsten Kreissig (aka TeeKay) an artist with a multidisciplinary background. DEUS was further developed with a mixed team of researchers and students at the UniLu.

This website is continuously improved. The last update of this specific subpage has been in May 2022. If you are interested in a collaboration or you have spotted a typo or a blocked link, please do not hesitate and contact us at