DEUS-X-MACHINA deals with the complex topic of religion and ethics. Throughout human history, the idea of omniscient and omnipotent entities was reserved to goddesses and gods. 
DEUS provides a chatbot able to adopt different identities based on different religious and philosophical scriptures. 

Our approach to this possibly sensitive topic includes philosophic, humanistic and also humourful aspects. This way we want to invite and engage audiences live and online to join discussions on ethics, morality and religions.

How to use DEUS

We provide 2 different modes of interaction: 
In PLAYER-PRAYER mode the users can talk to a “god” of their choice directly.
DIVINE DIALOGUE enables to witness a conversation between two different divine identities.

Open research

We invite researchers from all disciplines to join us in developing the project. Interested ? Please check our research-page.

In the final version the DEUS-chatbots should be able to answer highly philosophical questions, thus passing a Turing test on an expert level. (A Turing-test measures the ability of an AI to pass as a human.)

The beginning

The original idea of DEUS was inspired in March 2021 by Thorsten Kreissig (aka TeeKay) an artist with a multidisciplinary background. It was further developed with a mixed team of researchers and students at the UniLu.

This website is continuously improved. The last update of this specific subpage has been in March 2022. If you are interested in a collaboration or you have spotted a typo or a blocked link, please do not hesitate and contact us at